Web Design and Maintainability

Nov 17, 2011


In previous articles we have discussed various aspects of web design focusing around usability and search engine optimization so in this article we look at the future maintenance of your site.

First off let's consider what kind of web presence are we designing for. If we are looking to build an e-commerce site its maintenance will occur most likely on a daily basis. The preferred method is to use a Content Management System (CMS) with a Graphical User Interface (GUI). There are many commercial and open source systems available as well as custom built systems. Each have distinct advantages and disadvantages and these should be looked at closely. You should also consider the effort required to learn to use the CMS and how heavy the footprint of the CMS is. You need to consider the platform the CMS requires to run on and make sure your hosting service can provide this platform. An important point to note is shared hosting is not ideal for an e-commerce site, the host may install an update which may render your e-commerce site inoperable.

If your site is not an e-commerce site but has frequently changing content then a CMS may also be advisable. The advantage is you have full control of your updates but keep in mind the disadvantages stated previously still apply.

If your site is static in nature and content rarely changes then a CMS most likely is unnecessary but the design of the site should be modular. All common snippets of code should be in 'include' files. This should not only be limited to external CSS files but also common headers, menus, footers or sidebars. This will allow simple updates like a colour change for a title to be consistent without having to go through all the code.

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