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Maintenance of your website is as necessary as maintenance of your physical store or office. You need to keep your website up to date with your business. Your website is your online presence.

There are two aspects of maintenance. One is visual, the look and feel of your website, the other is the site content. We work with you on either aspect or both.

Both content and appearance of your website need to be kept up to date with current trends. Trends change frequently and if your site is not updated it may feel outdated. Don't let a poorly maintained or outdated site be a barrier to the development of your business. We offer web redesign services that can completely modernize an old-fashioned looking site or make minor tweaks and changes to a more recently created site. The opportunities for enhancements and upgrades are endless and we will work with you to bring your site to life.

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Toronto Web design Toronto Web design

Toronto Web design Toronto Web design